The Aesthetic Smiles Difference

You Have a Lot of Choices

There are a lot of choices when it comes to choosing a dentist in Fort Collins. And now that we live in the information age we have more choices than ever. Sometimes all of the information can be overwhelming to the point of making the right decisions a challenge.

How do you know which dentist is best for you and your family? How do you know they’re not trying to over treat and sell you services you don’t really need? Are they really what they say they are? These are good questions, but difficult to know. We’ll try out best to explain who we are and why our patients like us.

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We’re a Local Fort Collins Dental Practice

We are not a corporate dental practice. Aesthetic Smiles has one office location and two dentists. We answer to nobody except our patients and ourselves. We believe dental care is highly personal and want to determine the culture of our practice and patient interaction our self. We want to work at a comfortable pace that allows us to give each patient the time and attention they need, rather than be pressured by meeting corporate sales quotas. Being private allows us to:

● Keep Treatments Affordable
● Not have to Upsell our Patients
● Have a Personal Relationship with Patients
● Give Time and Attention to Each Patient

Evidence-Based Dentistry

Dentists and doctors are always getting offers to try some new product in their industry. Often sales representatives from different companies will show up to a Dr.’s practice and offer a big discount and free samples. Unfortunately, some dentists take these products and start using them on patients without doing the proper research first. Many times the products or procedures are new to the market, and the long term benefits or negative side effects haven’t surfaced.

Not many sales representative come to our office. They know we don’t buy new products and test them on our patients. We’re not opposed to new technology, we just want to make sure it’s effective and safe before we start using it. Everything we use has been tested, peer-reviewed, and proven to be effective for years.

Our Services

We Take Our Time

In many corporate dental offices the dentist is hard to find. He or she is quickly moving from room to room, working on multiple patients at a time. Sometimes patients are left waiting because the dentist is stretched so thin with overbooked appointments.

When you come to Aesthetic Smiles, you get our undivided attention. Dentistry is about lifelong relationships. We can’t serve the entire city, but we can serve a select group from the community, and when they choose us we respect that choice and treat them like family. A result of us taking our time is better quality dental work, less or no pain, and peace of mind knowing you got the best treatment possible.

● Highest quality treatment
● No Pain
● Peace of Mind

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